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Management Team

Dr York Yuan Yuan Zhu

Chief Executive Officer

    Dr. Zhu is a well established high-tech entrepreneur in the field of biotech industry with a wealth of experience spanning his 29 years from R&D in life sciences, RNAi therapeutics and innovative product development in biopharma, to corporate strategy and leadership as well as venture capital investment in business. Dr. Zhu has served as top executives in several biotech companies in Silicon Valley, USA. He was a R&D manager for Clontech Lab (1993 to 1999); and CTO of Genemed / Zytogene (2000 to 2005), emerged to a larger platform through M&A as a pharmaceutical company. In 2005, Dr Zhu founded NT Omics where he led RNAi therapeutic development. Under his leadership with a strong management team and with big success in unique patented technology on RNAi drug targets. Since founding Biomics Biotechnologies Co. Ltd (Nantong Jiangsu, China) in 2006, Dr. Zhu has been the Chairman and CEO leading the company’s transformation to become a top RNAi therapeutics player in Asia with a strong portfolio of intellectual properties evidenced by an award of Asia Pacific Emerging Company by Biospectrum in 2013. Dr Zhu holds a PhD in medical science from Nagoya University (Japan, 1993). He has also been a Joint Professor of China Pharmaceutical University (Jiangsu, China) and served as a head to RNAi Technology Institution of Nantong University (Jiangsu, China). Dr. Zhu has authored more than 40 scientific papers and holds 40 issued and pending patents.

Dr Jinkang Wang

Chief Scientific Officer

    Dr Jinkang Wang joined Biomics in 2008 bring 18 years experience in the creation and development of various nanoparticle drug delivery systems for small molecule anti-cancer drugs and biologics (antisense oligonucleotides, plasmid DNA, and siRNA). He was the inventor/co-inventor of 15 US patents. Prior to joining Biomics, Dr Wang served as a senior scientist for several biopharmaceutical companies including Alza Corp. (Johnson & Johnson), NeoPharm, Inc., Genteric, Inc., and Valentis, Inc.. He possesses broad expertise that spans several areas including the delivery system design, formulation study, process development, and manufacturing under cGMP guidance. He participated in the development of one product to market, and three drugs in clinical trials. Most recently, his research has been involved in the drug delivery systems including targeted second generation stealth-liposome and self-assembling co-polymers. Currently, his research is more focused on the siRNA drug development.

    Dr Wang obtained his undergraduate education from Beijing Normal University, received his Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry from Marquette University in Wisconsin, US, and postdoctoral training in Biopharmaceutical Science at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Dr Jianxin Chen

Chief Technology Officer

    Dr Jianxin Chen joined Biomics in 2011. He has broad and profound chemical knowledge and 25 years' R&D experience in medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, product development and commercialization.

    Before joining Biomics, Dr Chen worked in several biopharmaceutical companies including Acuitas Therapeutics (Director of medicinal chemistry R&D, Vancouver), Neuftech Chemicals Ltd. (Technology VP, Richmond), Kinetek Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Senior scientist, Vancouver). He also served as a key consultant at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc. and at Arbutus Pharmaceuticals Inc., respectively based on his innovation in developing siRNA delivery system. He also has about 10 years experience in business development.

    Dr Chen obtained his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from University of British Columbia (Canada) in 1991, M.Sc in organic chemistry from Institute of Photographic Chem., Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1984. He has more than 30 papers published in leading journals, 10 grantedfiled patents, as well as numerous company confidential technical reports.

Li Shan

Business and Market Development

    Mr. Li Shan has more than 15 years experience in Pharmaceutical Industry both in China and USA. Prior joining Biomics, Mr. Li Shan worked in AustarPharma Inc. in New Jersey as Business Development Director, where he helped company to start the partnership with Amerisourcebergen and Cardinal Health Group-2 giant whole sale companies in generic drug market. His experience in pharmaceutical industry also including the following aspects: research, assistant researcher in School of Medicine, the University of South Dakota (USA); marketing and sales, Sales Manager in Jintai Biotech Pharmaceutical Company; production, fermentation engineer in Qilu Pharmaceutical Company.

    Mr. Li Shan received his MBA degree in John Molson Business School, Concordia University, Canada in 2003. He also owned a master degree on Bio-medical in School of Medicine, University of South Dakota, USA (1999) and a bachelor degree of Microbiology from Shandong University (1988).

Kate Zhu

Chief Risk Management Officer/Public Relations

    Ms. Kate Zhu joined Biomics since its foundation as the Director of Operation. She contributed greatly on fund raising, planning construction of the Biomics' corporate center and development of Biomics' administrative systems.

    From mid 80s to early 90s, Ms. Zhu served as the import-export manager in Jiangsu Technology Import and Export Corporation. She was responsible for contract negotiation, quality assurance and cost control. From 1992 to 1995, Ms. Zhu went to the United States and in charge of company's business development in United States. Upon returning to China, she became the director of Jiangsu Technology Import and Export Corporation because of her achievement in USA and was responsible of company's marketing and sales department, developing market strategies and implemented sales expansion.

    In 1999, prior to joining Biomics, Kate Zhu founded Linkone Inc., the earliest human resources consulting and recruitment firm in Nantong, where she got the experience on assessing, recruiting and retaining highly valuable employees for companies.

    Ms. Zhu holds an MBA Degree from the University of Northern Virginia.

Dr Jianping Qui

Director of Innovation Center

    Dr. Jianping Qui joined Biomics in 2014. She has extensive research experience in gene therapy field with adeno associated virus vector, adenovirus vector and lentivirus vector system. She has worked on autosomal disorder gene therapy, monoclonal antibody gene therapy, genetic vaccine develoment, cancer immunotherapy and CRISPR technology mediated eukaryotic genome editing.

    Dr. Qui obtained her Ph.D in pharmacology from Medical School of McGill University (Canada) in 1995; M.S. in pharmacology from China Pharmaceutical University (China) in 1984. Before joining Biomics, Dr. Qui had her postdoctoral training and worked as research associate scientist in Gene therapy Center, Weill Cornell Medical College, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center since 1997 till 2014. She has published 24 papers and 22 meeting abstracts.

    Dr Qui obtained her Ph.D in pharmacology from Medical School of McGill University in 1995, M.S. in pharmacology from China Pharmaceutical University in 1984.

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